2015 Midwest Brain & Learning Institute

Engaging The Brain: 
How To Make It Happen
June 22-24, 2015
June 25 - Post-Institute Session

Making the connection between neuroscience research and learners is the commitment of the Midwest Brain and Learning Institute.  In our 15th year of bringing national presenters to share their work and latest findings, the theme is Engagement.   This refers to the degree of attention, curiosity, interest, optimism and passion that learners show when they are an active part of the learning process.

Our presenters this year will help us explore the framing of  classroom and school systems that provide opportunities for experiential learning and meaning-making:    

·        Helping learners make connections by providing “bridges” between prior and new learning.    

·        Hooking them both emotionally and intellectually through experiential opportunities.   

·         Reflecting with them about their thinking and their developing perspectives.

·         Exploring ever-growing opportunities to use technologies for problem-solving and  decision-making. 

·         Creating a safe, curiosity-filled environment where learners are invited to wonder,  to investigate, and                     to make personal meaning.

Our presenters will also explore the need, value and “how-to” of engaging learners to increase personal meaning and to consolidate learning.

The entire Institute experience is intentionally designed so that participants experience brain-targeted structures in the presentations, in the job-alike dialogue groups, and in the visual and movement breaks.  

Featured presenters

   G. Christian Jernstedt                     Ray McNulty                                  Linda Jordan         Professor Emeritus of Psychological                      Dean for the School of Education at                         Director of Content Development:  
    and Brain Sciences, Adjunct Professor               Southern New Hampshire University,                   The International Center for
    Emeritus of Community and Family                    Senior Fellow and past President to                        Leadership in Education,  
    Center for Educational Outcomes at                    the International Center for                                       Co- Director  for  the Center        
    Medicine, Director Emeritus of the                      Leadership in Education, Chair of the                      for Highly Effective Teaching, 
    Dartmouth College.                                                    National  Dropout Prevention Network,              Co-Founder and Planner of the  
                                                                                             past president of  ASCD, and  author of                  Midwest Brain & Learning Institute.
                                                                                             It's Not Us Against Them --   Creating 
                                                                                             the Schools We Need.


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