Need a Literacy course to get/keep your certificate? More credits by June to update your certificate? Or to move to the next pay step?

We've got just the courses for you -- at great prices ($275 per credit!!!)

   Our Online Courses:

  • unite brain-targeted best practices with your classroom / educational setting
  • feature modules that follow a prescribed schedule
  • include real-time online interactive chats with the instructor and classmates
  • offer graduate credit from Hope College in Holland, Michigan at an affordable price - $275.00 per credit hour
  • run 8 weeks for 2 graduate credit hours ($550.00) or 16 weeks for 3 graduate credit hours ($825.00)

 Upcoming Online Courses

  Winter/Spring 2018              

 Course # 795-01 - Advanced Studies in Literacy (MDE approved)

            REGISTRATION:  This class is now full.  However, you may put your name on the wait list using the registration form on the "Online Courses" page. 

Course begins January 14, 2018 and ends May 5, 2018
16 Weeks - 3 graduate credit hours
Tuition: $825.00 for the course
 Expanding Literacy concepts to develop all teachers as teachers of Literacy.
 Meets the requirements for placement to Professional Certificate.

  Course #795-02 - Student Engagement

        REGISTRATION OPENS  November 15, 2017  - Please go to the Online Courses page

        Course begins February 2, 2018 and ends March 30, 2018
        8 weeks - 2 graduate credit hours
        Tuition:  $550.00 for the course
        This course is designed to give practical, effective, and easily applicable strategies; and additionally, to help educators understand what is happening in our learners’ brains when they are engaged.

     What participants are saying about our online courses:

     " The work we’ve done in this course reinforced my pedagogical beliefs and strengthened my current practice."
     " I am thankful to be able to take a course like this at a low cost with so many benefits to my career."
     " The contents of the conversations (in chats) were in depth and meaningful and helped solidify the content.  The research-based textbooks gave actually tested strategies."
     "I liked all of the rubrics set up and the quick feedback from the instructor in this course."