Our Commitment

We are committed to providing opportunities for connecting educators to the neuroscience of learning by:

  • translating the current neuroscience research into practice.
  • leveraging change by promoting reflection of one’s own personal practice.
  • creating a community of learners.
  • encouraging synergy of thinking which ignites a passion for learning.

2015 Summer Institute Slide Decks & Graphic Notes

Slide Decks and Graphic Notes for the Summer Institute 2015 are now available. See them here.

Making connections between neuroscience research and learners of all ages is the commitment of the Midwest Brain and Learning Institute. In our 15th year of bringing national presenters to share their work and latest findings, the focus of the theme is student engagement. This refers to the degree of attention, curiosity, interest, optimism and passion that learners show when they are an active part of the learning process.

The Institute's interactive sessions are designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which to challenge one's own assumptions about learning, to visualize what could be, and to talk about ways to make this learning come alive in classrooms, schools, or districts.  Neuroscience research is clear that it is critical for both adults and students to have time to consolidate their learning— ”Velcro-ing” it to previous learning, and making connections to the world in which they live and work. The presenters will highlight the structures and strategies that lead learners to discovering the power of words, visual representation, movement, and dialogue. Come, join us in this examination of Engagement.

Online Learning

When we held our first summer Institutes participants requested more “planned” opportunities to read and digest the information from the neuroscences within a professional community.  Our response to this request has been to create affordable, online courses that meet the needs of a variety of educators.

The summer Institute provides a list of resources in books, websites, social media and presenters’ publications. We will be expanding this professional resource on our new website.

Interactive Learning

The Midwest Brain & Learning Summer Institute offers face-to-face interactions with national presenters and education colleagues.  An over-arching theme utilizes the current neuroscience research to inform professional practice at all grade levels—pre-Kindergarten through College.

Each day of the Institute participants join job-alike Learning Clubs, providing an opportunity to pause, reflect and dialogue around the information shared by the presenters. (See Summer Institute section for past themes and presenters.)

Watch this site in the future for more interactive opportunities.